YouTube probes ‘disturb’ the results of the research

YouTube has changed the way in which its autofill function works after reports that some combinations of words brought up the pedophile, phrases.

During the weekend many people reported that by typing in “as is” could be completed with several variations of “s*x with your kids”.

Other searches produced answers that also used the asterisk in “s*x” word.

Some have speculated that an attempt to troll YouTube results was responsible for making the sentences appear.Predators comments

“Before today, our team have been alerted to this deeply disturbing auto-complete result and we have worked to remove it quickly as soon as we were made aware,” said a spokesman for YouTube.

“We are investigating this matter to determine what was behind the appearance of this auto-completion”, he added.

YouTube still has not given an explanation as to why the sentence “how to have s*x with your kids” was suddenly to be so widely suggested.

Charlie Warzel, writing on Buzzfeed, suggested that the use of the asterisk to replace the “and” and the word “sex” on a lot of different researches suggested a deliberate action behind it.

“The results are very specific and could be the result of a coordinated campaign to game the algorithm,” he said.

This may have been an attempt to populate YouTube with search results that embarrass the site, he said.

None of the video that the “like” results related to showed the abuse of children.

The unsettling results are arrived after a week in which YouTube has been widely criticized for not having done enough to stop sexual predators targeting young users of the site.

Big brands including Mars, Lidl and Adidas pulled advertising from YouTube after the investigations by the BBC and At the moment there are tens of thousands of predators account which is used for leaving explicit comments on a dvd for the children.