Uber and Waymo court case delay

Getty Images

The US to test self-driving cars giants Uber and Waymo has been delayed after the judge said that Uber had concealed evidence.

The trial was due to start next week.

Based in San Francisco, Judge William Alsup said that it would be a “great injustice” to start the trial so soon, after new evidence had come to light.

Uber is accused of stealing trade secrets of Waymo – which is owned by Google, father of the Alphabet. Uber has denied the allegations.

The case revolves around Waymo the indictment of Anthony Levandowski, a former employee, downloaded 14,000 documents of the company in relation to their Lidar (light detection and ranging) technology, which allows vehicles to detect what is around them.

Later he founded a self-driving truck of the company, which was acquired by Uber.

Uber says that the documents were never in their computer servers, and the Lord Levandowski had refused to allow the search of their personal devices, citing the fifth amendment.