Permissions for international transportation: how and why the business suffers

In November at the Cabinet meeting, the Federation of employers of Ukraine (FEU) has not raised a new problem — to the end of the year, international road transport, there is a negative situation permits (dozvola) for transportation. The head of the FEU Dmitry Oliynyk called the situation with the permits for international transport in Poland “catastrophe.”

Later in the FRU announced a disappointing Outlook — idle time of trucks on the border with Poland might lead to the loss of 780 thousand euros per day. In the Ministry of Infrastructure after a Commission of Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman decided the situation. Thus, the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian announced that Ukraine will receive 7 thousand additional permits for trucking in Poland and announced a number of planned developments.

Why the permissions issue occurs every year, where as hiding corruption and what is needed to solve the problem — said the head of the NGO “Development of infrastructure” Stanislav Studs. What is the permission of road transport and where to get them?

There are two types of permits: single and ECMT — annual (European Conference of Ministers of Transport).

In different countries different quotas. In Ukraine there is a quota of more than 750 thousand of one-time permits per year. Countries exchange permissions parity. Ie Ukraine, conventionally, gives Poland 200 thousand permits, Poland, respectively, the same.

Ukraine is always at a disadvantage with respect to these quotas, because the Europeans are not coming to us. Carriers go to Europe, because Ukraine needs more permissions.

It turns out that, for example, the poles do not need 200 thousand permits, but we need more.

Single or multiple permits are issued by the State service of Ukraine on safety on transport (“Ukrtransstroi”, DSBT) through PVD (paragraph permitting). Why truckers do not have enough permissions?

Every year carriers reported a lack of permissions, because historically, the government of Ukraine does not cover the demand of domestic market operators freight transport on the resolution. The shortage of permits in all directions from year to year, were predictable. Appropriate monitoring, analysis and forecasts of market trends by the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine.

The quota mechanism is intended to protect the interests of citizens and national carriers to neighbouring countries. Therefore, limiting the number of permits good for the environment and the market, if a transparent procedure of their distribution.

Ecology: for example, the number of permits “Euro-3” for Ukrainian carriers decreased approximately 10% compared with the year 2016. This affected transport companies that do not update their fleet. It is common practice for all countries.

If this scandal will end in a dismissal or transfer to another position of the pair of main specialists and urgent policy of the Ministry of Infrastructure will not change, as the economist will suggest further developments. Because of abuse by the inspectors “of Ukrtransagent” the permit this year, the demand among carriers for one-time permission in 2018 will increase.

The deficit of one-time permissions for Ukrainian companies every year will get worse.

Our road transport services market in the next year will begin to develop the Romanian, Polish and Lithuanian transport company. By the way, Lithuania has 90 thousand trucks and 40% of Ukrainian drivers. The Ukrainian has not bankrupt transport company register in neighbouring countries, where there are no problems with permissions, taxes, and regulatory authorities. Is there a “black market”?

I have already said that permits are issued “Ukrtransleasing”. Resolution — the deficit. Permits — monopoly. Here and risks.

Of course, you’re not on “selling” permission to trucking. However, the issuance of violations and connivance with the control — that which creates a “black market”.

In the course of this year, tens of thousands of permits issued by inspectors resourceful “Ukrtransstroi” impunity and gross violations in favor of individual transport companies. Remained in the hands of carriers unused.

In fact, these permissions are considered “stolen” and resold by carriers between themselves.

The important thing is that it’s all impossible without the assistance of “Ukrtransstroi” in the face of its separate employees. How to cut the “Gordian knot”?

Here are a few things that need to be done to organize the distribution. Personalize all permission slips to prevent transmission of Blanca between carriers. It’s enough to assign an additional ID request form. Room code sticker or something like that. To integrate departmental network of points of issue of permissions (EDT) DSBT in the network of centers to provide administrative services (TSNAP) in order not to run into sabotage and not to complicate exporters and transporters life. Display all your business processes with solutions in online. Theorists argue that this requires a complex bus, registers and other protracted. Them well, but can do without them. To do their job properly in the first phase “of Ukrtransagent” need to access existing databases of the Ministry of justice, Ministry of interior, the SFS and something from the guards. Lobbying polygraph testing is responsible for the permits. The transfer of all Ministerial software on Open source (open source software) and the introduction of open licenses, that innovators have used available government data to develop services and solutions for economical and social benefits. And the Ukrainians had access to the data of the Ministry of Infrastructure for the accountability of civil servants.

Judging by the lack of permission from carriers, it may seem that the officials of the Ministry are hiding behind meetings, surveys, regulations and lawyers. Nevertheless, something already done by the Ministry to prevent abuse in the allocation of permissions: With the aim of preventing the transfer of licences to another car carrier and make any corrections in it, and manipulation, the permission form will be dealt a QR code that will duplicate information applied on the form. In the framework of the project “Prozorist pznt have sovereign upravlen that the hotel”, which is financed by USAID (United States Agency for international development) and the government of great Britain, Eurasia Foundation, with partners, already provides sufficient technical assistance “of Ukrtransagent” to launch the electronic system “Electronic office of the carrier.” This system is designed to facilitate the transparent allocation of permits among the carriers that protect the rights of shippers and carriers of conscious in the framework of current legislation. Because each resolution will be attached to a truck, and all the carriers will keep a record of fines and violations. The registry will be available to organs of state and municipal authorities, businesses, specialized design and research, as well as public and international organizations. The Ministry of infrastructure, in turn, will gain the ability to analyze and predict the development of the Ukrainian market of international cargo transportation by road. And now it is important that the Ministry of Infrastructure has supported the development vector. Insights and not only

The results and control may not be in the same hands. DEBT needs to have control as the main goal defined by the Cabinet. Whom to authorize to begin with.

To maintain the current situation is beneficial first of all the inspectors in the areas of permitting “Ukrtransstroi” unfair carriers who believe that outwitted all competitors by paying the inspector. However, such cunning pay twice. Feeding the feeling of greed from the inspectors and not complaining about the situation in the Ministry of Infrastructure, carriers nurture a new generation of fearless and unscrupulous thieves among the officials DSBT.

This is not a problem of individual employees, according to some there are solutions, are investigated. This is the problem of the organization of work of the entire Agency.

You need to change the system, to go online. Many think it is crazy to stand at the box office/railway station when you can buy a train ticket with a smartphone.

Why not solve this technological issue with permissions? Because if the lights are off, then your hands clean no one will check.