“Odessa turned into nothing”: the Network has discussed failure of performance Raikin

MOSCOW, November 18 — RIA Novosti. The failure of the Ukrainian radicals play Konstantin Raikin in Odessa caused a heated debate on the Network, while commentators were divided.

Many Internet users criticized the radicals.

For whom the activists, for whom the Nazis. In the end, normal people, rest is not given
— ambub1959@gmail.com (@ambub1959) November 17, 2017

“And anything that is trade volume, the country-aggressor in the 1st place. And where are the activists. Or I want to eat? And Raikin, of course, a big threat,” writes Zibri Jacob.

This shows the weakness of the state. It is impossible to imagine in Europe, the absolute loss of reputation is so low…
— Hopak Eugene (@Beldasorini) November 17, 2017

Other users supported the nationalists.

“The patriots of Ukraine, remember that it all depends on you! Glory to the nation!”


On Friday evening, the radicals came to the concert of Konstantin Raikin in Odessa, stating that they want to receive from him the answer to the question “Whose Crimea?”. The video shows how several dozen of young people, shouting slogans, walked into the hall and entered the fray with the audience. Attending the event, police did not interfere with the troublemakers, as a result, the concert was cancelled.

The police confirmed the information about the concert frustrated, saying that among the radicals was Sergei Serenko, formerly head of the Odessa branch of the extremist organization “Right sector”*.

*Extremist organization banned in Russia