Media: Manafort visited Moscow 18 times

Publishing house McClatchy found new details about the ties of Manafort with Russia

A Republican by Paul Manafort have been in Moscow 18 times and more than ten years maintained relations with the entourage of Russian President Vladimir Putin before he headed the campaign of Donald trump, according to the newspaper publishing house McClatchy.

According to the media, to work at the headquarters of Manafort trump, who last month was indicted on 12 counts, including conspiracy against the United States, not less than 19 times I went to Kiev, where he worked with Pro-Kremlin faction.

The publishing house refers to the data obtained from the Ukrainian authorities and the intelligence provided by former and current officials. New data show that when Manafort was much stronger than previously thought.

Following the ousting of Pro-Moscow Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 Manafort continued to go to Kiev, having been there 19 times over two years, and worked with a small Pro-Russian party “Opposition bloc,” according to McClatchy.

Some suggest that Manafort turned into an agent of Russian interests.

“We can prove that he is or has worked mostly in Moscow, or tried to play both sides just to increase profits,” – said former assistant Secretary of state Daniel fried, to communicate with Manafort in the era of Yanukovych.

“At best he had a conflict of interest, at worst – he really acted on the orders of Putin,” – said fried, is currently a member of the Atlantic Council.

The Central issue for the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller and various committees of Congress pander Manafort whether the Russian intervention in elections in order to provide the Trump advantage over the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Close to the affair, a source told McClatchy that the participants of the investigations studying the received information, to better understand the issue of Russian interference in the elections.

Manafort resigned 19 August 2016, when the New York Times reported the existence of handwritten account books showing secret payments Yanukovych in Manafaru in the amount of 12.7 million dollars. Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine insists that the money was paid under an illegal scheme.