Defendant went to the 45-minute naked crime spree

Perth Now reports, the police claimed that the early morning chaos on Friday lasted for about 45 minutes, starting with the man breaking into a unit on Davenport Street and attacked a 53-year-old woman who was sleeping in the bed, to hit you on the head with a brick about 5.30 PM.

The police stopped the man after the alleged 45-minute crime spree. Image: Perth Now

The man then broke, allegedly, in a different unit on the same street and a female occupant hit the face and shoulder from the attack of the 59-year-old woman with a pitchfork. The alleged victim received injuries to her neck and ear.

It is understood the accused man was naked, at least for the most of the rampage.

A police spokesman said that two women were attacked, still in the hospital.

WA police also claim the man committed a series of crimes include: allegedly breaking into another unit and a 73-year-old man managed to escape and flee to a nearby shopping centre for help and allegedly smashing in the back door of a fourth unit, and browse the accommodation before departure.threatens

Karrinyup is approximately 13 kilometres North-West of the Perth CBD.

The man is also accused in a day-care center on Davenport Street, and threats, while armed handle with a wood.

Police say the man smashed a window before a physical altercation with a 68-year-old male contractor. The defendant allegedly, the victim is doused with gasoline from a canister. He then put the can down and went in the direction of the shopping center.

Police alleged the suspect threatened a 40-year-old man he approached outside the shopping centre, on Davenport Street, before the rear window of the man’s Honda Civic with a rock. Then he went away.

He is also accused of driving a white Toyota Avalon and drive backwards into a brick pillar, causing a house in Taunton way of structural damage.

The man in front of 18 charges.

The defendant allegedly drove away from the incident, before police stopped and arrested him a short distance around 6.15 PM.

To threaten to do the 55-year-old Karrinyup man has been charged with 18 offences, including aggravated burglary and burglary with the intent to cause harm to grievous bodily harm unlawfully wounds and other threats to endanger or harm a person, to kill, trespassing, damage to property, armed, to drive in a way that may cause fear, reckless, common robbery and unlawful damage.

He is in treatment at Royal Perth hospital for injuries, the spree during the alleged crime, and on the bed, listen to today.