Mercedes-Benz presents new Class “luxury” interior

Mercedes-Benz has released the first official images of the new Class. They highlight the interior of the company’s small car, which has been completely restructured so as to give an impression of superior quality.

The current A-Class is the firm’s best-selling model in the UK, accounting for around 40,000 of the’168 000 of Mercedes cars sold here in the last year. The new, fourth generation model will be launched at the Geneva motor show next March, the spearhead of a range of eight model compact car line-up.

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The new A-Class features a complete redesign of the interior, which is based on the design and technology featured in larger models such as the new E-Class and Class S. Mercedes believes the growing trend of the downsizing of cars and urban life means that there is an increase in the scope for adding luxury features and design usually only featured in the larger models.

Christoph Eberlein, Mercedes compact cars product manager, says Coach: “Some people want a small car because they live in a city or a need to save space, but they still want to have all the luxury features and options. It is a luxury design for compact cars. Children do not have to be non-premium”.

The new A-Class will also be at a much higher level of the car, the technology and options. Hartmut Sinkwitz, the brand, the interior design director, says this has been fueled by the average of the Class the younger buyers than those of other Mercedes models.

“There is a general tendency for people to spend more on the interior options rather than, for example, spending the money on a better engine. People spend more time in their cars, and want of comfort, so that their willingness to pay for the interior options is growing.”

The new dashboard design has two horizontal sections, separated by a ‘trench’ that of the ambient lighting to create a greater sense of space. The upper section features Mercedes double-screen wide-screen of the cockpit. The entry-level trim, which will have two 7.0 in the screens, but the car will also be available with the 7.0 and 10.25 in the screens, or twin beds 10.25 in the screens.

The dashboard design also includes five distinctive, turbine-style air vents, one of a number of elements designed to give the car a more “emotional”. The ventilation grids are also adjustable ambient LED lighting, which is available with up to 64 colors and 10 mood of the programs.

The new A-Class features of the three-spoke, multifunction steering wheel from the S-Class. Mercedes has also reworked the seats, which now feature optional heated seat and a remote control for the first time in the model.

The car will be offered with three trim levels: entry-level Style, the performance on the theme of AMG-Line and Progressive. The latter has replaced the Urban trim on the previous Class and focuses on the design and comfort.

Eberlain said the mic, which are customizable with a range of exterior and interior trim and color options, have moved away from strict price ranges. “The Style is the most affordable and AMG Line, and the Performance is more fancy, but they are not directly in a hierarchy,” he said. “They take on different inspirations design according to your call.”

The trunk of the Class, a weak point of the previous car, has increased by 29 litres to 370 litres, which is closer to its class rivals as previously. Mercedes also says that the space has been most helpful by 20 cm wide opening for loading. The firm used CAD data to virtually test how easy it was to load more than 70 different products, including a stroller, boxes, or drinks and a golf bag.

Mercedes has also said that the visibility has been improved by the thinness of A, B and C-pillars, with a maximum of space for the head to the front increased from 7 to 1024mm.

Mercedes has not yet decided on the price of the new Class. It is likely to be near or at the top of the existing model, with Eberlain suggesting the new focus on luxury would be balanced by affordability. “We are going for a higher quality feel,” he said, ” but the compact cars still need to be accessible to everyone. It is more about the design of taste and price.”

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