Israeli Jew claims that visited the Holy sites in Saudi Arabia

*** According to him it was not hostile

Moscow. 23 Nov. INTERFAX – Israeli Jew, born in Russia, Ben Zion returned from a tour of the shrines of the Muslim world.

During his travels B. Zion did not hide that he was a Jew, the questions answered that came as a friend, show respect to Islam and the Arab world, and found that the Muslim world in the flesh is a friendly place, it never “hostile”, quotes the words of the pilgrim edition of the “Israel Times”.

B. Zion told the publication that paid a visit to Saudi Arabia, following the official procedures of obtaining a visa. All the destinations he entered legally using a valid foreign passport and acquiring a visa, if necessary.

According to B. Zion, he traveled as a private citizen. “I’m not a political figure and do not work to any Israeli organization or at its security”, – he said.

Photos B. Zion, brought from this trip, was so unthinkable for the part of the visitors to the Arab media that there was an assumption that they are the fruits of photoshop.