Donald trump reported on his Asian tour

The President stated that America “has never been stronger,” than it is now

President trump on Wednesday gave a speech, summarizing his longest international tour – trip to South-East Asia, which lasted 13 days.

The White house said that during the trip, he “defended and promoted American interests”.

“Everywhere we went, our foreign hosts, welcomed the American delegation, including myself, with incredible warmth, hospitality, and, most important, with respect, he said. Is great respect was another proof that America has regained its confidence and its rightful position in the world, and has never been stronger than now.”

Donald trump recalled that during the trip he visited “five countries and met with dozens of foreign leaders.”

“It was the longest visit of the American President to the region in the last quarter of a century,” he said.

The White house reiterated the “errors” committed “in other administrations,” the United States, adding that the main reason for these errors, “there was a reluctance to protect and promote the interests of Americans and American workers.”

The US President said that during talks with foreign leaders, he certainly talked about the economic success of the United Stamatov, citing as example the dynamics of the securities market and achieved economic growth.

“When we believe in ourselves, our strength, our flag, our history, our values, other countries believe us, he said. – When we treat our citizens with the respect they deserve, other countries treat America with the respect that she so long deserved. During our trips, the world saw exactly that: a strong, proud and confident America.”