If Curfman about encounters with Roy Moore: it was only decades later I was able to get past that

Several women accused the candidate for Senator of sexual harassmentWASHINGTON

A resident of Alabama, who accused the candidate of senators Roy Moore of sexual harassment, said that only after several years was able to regain the confidence and trust to others.

As told 53-year-old Lee Corfman on NBC, she was “14-year-old child trying to fit into the adult world,” when Moore, who was then state’s attorney, tried to engage her in sexual relations. Moore at the time was 32 years.

“I was waiting for candlelight dinners and roses, and got something completely different, she said. – I felt guilty. It seemed to me that it’s my fault. Only decades later I was able to leave it all behind”.

Charges Curfman the address of Moore appeared in the Washington Post more than a week ago, but on Monday she first appeared on television.

Curfman said that “didn’t deserve” to become a victim of 32-year-old man.

“I met him near his home. My mother knew nothing. He took me to his home – said Curfman. – When I got to his house the second time, he just laid on the floor, blankets and… seduced me.”

Curfman told reporters that Moore took off her shirt and pants, undressed himself, touched her on top of underwear and asked her to touch him, and then she protested and asked him to drive her home, which he did.

Meanwhile, another woman was accused of assaulting democratic Senator from Minnesota al Franken.