Black Friday deals not all they seem”

Buyers should be wary of Black Friday deals which often are not as good as they seem, says consumer group Which?

More than half of last year, the Black Friday deals were cheaper or the same price at other times of the year, according to the consumer group.

He advises buyers to check prices on a regular basis and make purchases at merchants who undertake part-refund in the event of a price drop.

Which?’s opinion is based on a survey of prices for 35 popular tech and personal care products from the last week of Black Friday.

Around £2.6 bn expected to be spent this Black Friday marks the day after Thanksgiving, when shops try to tempt people with big discounts.

“It’s easy to get carried away by the bustle and excitement of the day, so we recommend that you do a bit of preparation and research to help you ensure that you are truly getting a good deal,” said Alex Neill, the managing director of the group of products and services.

That? says 60% of all the items, which he has followed have been cheaper or the same price as the other days of the year, including:
A Neff Slide and Hide Oven from currys/PC World, which was cheaper than the Black Friday price on at least 113 other days of the year
A Samsung 55 inches Smart HD TV curved advertised in currys/PC World as “save £400, now £849”, which was actually £50 cheaper on the other 29 days of the year and £79 cheaper on 18 other days of the year
49 inch LG TV advertised in Argos at £499 with the slogan “Our lowest price”, which was £4 cheaper a week later, and another £16 cheaper at the end of the month of December
Oral B electric toothbrush advertised on Amazon “save 26%,” when it was actually £5 cheaper on at least two days in July

The consumer group advised buyers to “look at the price, not the “save”.”

In a statement, currys/PC World, said Black Friday had become a “part” of its promotional calendar, and that he was “surprised” by suggestions that “it is unfortunate for retailers to reduce prices on certain items at a point less than in November.”

An Argos spokesperson said ” Black Friday “is a fantastic event that allows customers to choose among thousands of products that offer great value.”

“This does not exclude these products from sale and / or promotion at other times of the year,” he added.

Amazon said: “We offer thousands of incredible deals around Black Friday, representing millions of pounds of savings for our customers through a wide selection of products.”

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That? tips for shopping on Black Friday
Look at the price, not the “save”
Know if retailers will match prices
To register for online accounts with the major retailers a few days in advance so that you can make purchases more quickly
The research of the products you wish to advance – to make “wish lists” sign up to retailers ‘ newsletters and follow them on social media to follow the prices and see what is proposed
Research prices online before hitting the stores
Beware of the unusual brands
Make a list of the retailers who sell the same product, so that you don’t miss out if sites crash, and the depletion of stocks
Avoid the crowds by checking to see if retailers will let you buy online and pick it up later
Start early, some retailers start promotions or less a week before Black Friday
Don’t forget the deals on offer during “Cyber Monday” – the Monday after Black Friday
Check the retailers return policy