NASA joined the search for missing Argentine submarine

WASHINGTON, November 18 — RIA Novosti. NASA research aircraft involved in the search for a missing Argentine submarine “San Juan”, the American military is ready to join the search, if necessary, reports the website of the NGO “naval Institute” with reference to the representative of the southern command of the U.S. army.

As told the representative of command of Jose Ruiz, modified aircraft, NASA P-3 Orion was sent in search of a missing submarine of the Argentine city of Ushuaia, where he is to conduct research in Antarctica.

As explained by the portal ARS Technica, P-3 Orion used by the us military to detect submarines, the aircraft is equipped with a magnetometer, infra-red cameras, and sensors for measuring the ice thickness. His equipment, the newspaper notes, is able to detect a submarine even if it sank.

According to Ruiz, the us military maintain contact with the Department of state and is ready to join the search in the case of a request by Argentina. As has informed the edition a source in the structures of the Pentagon, the service support of submarine rescue operations, the Navy is preparing a team of specialists and equipment, including a submersible to rescue the sunken submarine Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System (SRDRS), based in San Diego.

Earlier, the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri agreed to accept international help to search for the missing submarine.

The submarine “San Juan” stopped communicating last Wednesday on the way from the port of Ushuaia in the city of Mar del Plata. On her search sent planes and ships. They are in the area where the submarine has recorded in recent times. On Board the “San Juan” there are 44 crew members. Help finding submarines offered the US, UK and Chile.