The searches took place in the house of the Imam of the Central mosque in Nazran

*** Earlier it was reported about prevention of an attempt on his life

Rostov-on-don. 16 Nov. INTERFAX – law enforcement Officers carried out searches in private houses of Nazran, where a religious preacher Imam Nasir-Karlskoga mosque and his brother, reported “Interfax” a source in power structures of the Republic on Thursday.

“Nasir-Karlskoga district of Nazran, in the private house of Imam Khamzat Chumakov, the second half of the day were searched,” – said the Agency interlocutor, without specifying the reasons of their conduct.

According to him, the searches took place in my brother’s home a religious preacher Ibrahim Chumakov.

In addition, the message about the search in the house of H. Chumakov posted on the website of the Imam in Facebook.

As reported, in early October, the FSB has prevented the assassination of a public figure and a religious preacher of Ingushetia with an improvised explosive device of great power.

The result was arrested two members of the gang, according to their places of residence discovered a ready to use improvised explosive devices, explosives and means of terror. During the searches were seized explosive substance, presumably plastic explosive PVV-7 (RDX and aluminium) and the detonator – parts of a homemade bomb, which they intended to commit murder of a religious leader.

A source in law enforcement bodies of the region reported that we are talking about the attempt on known in the North Caucasus public and religious leader, the Imam of the mosque Nasir-Court (Ingushetia) H. Chumakov. According to some reports, the criminals planned to blow up stuffed with explosives car after Friday prayers.

However, due to the received operational information, the attempt was averted. It was noted that this is the third attempt to kill the Evangelist.

The first attempt on H. Chumakov was committed in 2010. Then under the bottom of his car was a bomb scare. As a result of the explosion, he was badly wounded, lost a leg, but survived. In March 2016 as a result of explosion of a passenger vehicle, Packed with shrapnel, the Imam practically has not suffered, having received only bruises.

The main version of the assassination attempt on the Imam of the mosque was his preaching.