Media: more than half of the Leopard 2 tanks of the Bundeswehr is not ready for operation

MOSCOW, 16 Oct — RIA Novosti. More than half of the tanks of the type Leopard 2 Bundeswehr is not ready for operation, according to the publication Focus.

According to the magazine, currently in service with the Bundeswehr are 244 tanks of this type. However, only 95 of them are in full combat readiness. 53 are in the process of conversion, seven — in the testing grounds. The number of tanks cannot be repaired for lack of spare parts.

“Must be the question of who is responsible for this catastrophe,” — said the publication Chairman of the Committee of the Bundestag on defense, member of the SPD Wolfgang Hellmich. He noted that this issue of “the Ministry of defence, which is responsible for the security of the country”.

In may last year, the German media reported that the Bundeswehr was temporarily forced to abandon the purchase of additional Leopard 2 tanks from-for shortages of budgetary funds.

The defence budget drawn up so tightly that it cannot include costs for the purchase of new equipment. It was noted that funds are not enough even to maintain in proper technical condition of existing equipment.