In the US, told how government agencies use the products “Kaspersky”

WASHINGTON, 14 Nov – RIA Novosti. About 15% of the Federal agencies in the USA reported the discovery programs, “Kaspersky Lab” on their computers, said Tuesday in testimony to Congress the assistant Secretary of homeland security Jeanette Manfra.

“We received information from most Federal agencies, about 94% of Federal agencies. Of this total, Federal agencies only a very small number identified the use of “virus” in their system, which is about 15%,” said Manfra at a hearing of the Committee on science, space and technology, house of representatives, U.S. Congress.

The Department of homeland security September 13, demanded Federal agencies to test their computer networks for products “Kaspersky Lab”.

The Department of homeland security United States earlier instructed all government agencies and related companies within three months to start implementing measures to end the use of the software “Kaspersky Lab” because they are, in the opinion of the Department, can be used to damage U.S. national security. In “virus” assured that the company does not provide any government in cyber espionage or hostile activities in cyberspace.