Responsible for the oversight of the Ministry of defense has punished

A civilian employee of the defense Ministry, are responsible for publication on behalf of the Agency with a screenshot from the game, punished accordingly. This was reported by press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, transfers “Interfax”.

A Kremlin spokesman called the incident a mistake and said that “there is nothing wrong, if they are corrected in a timely manner”.

On 14 November, the Ministry of defense has published in social networks pictures, allegedly confirming the provision of us military cover up of militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). The office called them the undeniable proof of cooperation of States with the terrorists. However, it appeared that the image exactly matches the screenshot from the game for smartphones AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron, and several others are frames from action videos the Iraqi air force under Falluja in 2016.

Later, the Agency has edited the publication in Facebook, removing from there the pictures and deleted the relevant posts on Twitter, and also published new footage.Background: In the Kremlin commented on the embarrassment of the Ministry of defense