Football: After Yarmolenko, Dynamo has lost in terms of result – Khatskevich

Head coach of “Dynamo” Alexander Khatskevich told about how the team is getting used to play without Yarmolenko, who has moved to Borussia Dortmund. About it reports “Pro-soccer”.

“Replace Yarmolenko is not obtained. Tsygankova from the injury, somewhere lacks experience. Although we all know he’s a pretty interesting guy. For the coach it loss, and as a human being I’m glad for Yarmolenko. When you lose one of the leaders, you understand that you will lose a lot in attack. Yarmolenko could alone decide the match in the championship. We lost in terms of the result. Andrew could decide the fate of the episode in those matches that we won, and we could win. But this is only my assumption,” said Khatskevich.

Add “Dynamo” in the championship comes in second place behind Shakhtar with 7 points. In the Cup of Ukraine Kiev will have to play with the “lions” in the 1/4 finals and in the Europa League team of Khatskevich provided to itself an exit in the playoffs.