Russian intervention: the position of the US intelligence and trump

Some believe that the position of the American President and the intelligence community disagree, some disagree

The problem is Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016 pursued the President of trump during his 12-day tour of five Asian countries.

On Saturday, responding to a question that touched on this subject during conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vietnam, trump told accompanying reporters: “He said he did not intervene they did not intervene. I asked him again. You can’t ask indefinitely”.

He added that “all this rigged democracy”, blamed the former leaders of American intelligence, including former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National intelligence James Clapper.

“They are political schemers. On the one hand we have Brennan, Clapper and Komi Republic. It is now proven that Komi is a liar and the source of the leaks, he said on the way to Hanoi. Komi was previously headed by the FBI and was fired by trump, which caused contradictory reaction. – And on the other hand, President Putin strongly, emphatically says that nothing of the kind was done.”

These statements have provoked condemnation from former American intelligence officers and high-ranking congressmen, including former presidential candidate Republican John McCain.

“Take the word of a KGB Colonel more than the conclusions of the American intelligence community is not “America first”… Vladimir Putin is not guided by the interests of the United States. To think otherwise is not only naive, but also puts at risk our national security,” said McCain.

Clapper said in an interview with Reuters: “the fact that the President of the United States believes the word Putin more than the intelligence community, simply inconceivable.”

On Sunday, trump said that he was surprised by the criticism, and tried to clarify my words about Putin, answering questions of journalists at a press conference in Hanoi.

“I think he believes that he and Russia does not interfere in the elections, – said trump. – As for whether I believe it or not, I’m on the side of our intelligence agencies, especially under their current leadership. I believe in our intelligence, in our intelligence agencies. I am very active with them worked.”

The conclusions of U.S. intelligence about Russian intervention

Current employees of the American intelligence refused to comment on trump’s statements, but continues to hold the viewthat Putin “has given an order about carrying out of campaign effect in 2016, aimed at the American presidential elections.” This is the conclusion of intelligence agencies came in January 2017.

According to this document, CIA, FBI and NSA agreed that “Putin and the Russian government hoped to increase the chances of the President of trump discredit (of the candidate in presidents from Democratic party) Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in public spending and unfavorable comparison with him.”

As told “Voice of America” employee of the American intelligence assessment of Russia’s intervention in last year’s elections has not changed.

During a July security forum in aspen the Director of National intelligence Dan Coates has declared that Russia “was trying to undermine Western democracy” and that Moscow’s actions were “somewhat more sophisticated than before.”

At the same forum, the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo asked, invading Russia in the presidential elections of 2016. He said: “I have been asked that a million times. Of course, it’s true. In the past, and the year before. Russia has been working on this for a long time. And I don’t think she’s going to stop”.

Last month at the summit of the Foundation for defense of democracies in Washington, the Director of the CIA was criticized for the statement that, according to U.S. intelligence, Russian intervention did not affect the election results.

Answering the journalist’s question whether it is safe to say that the election results were not distorted as a result of Russian intervention, Pompeo said: “According to the assessment of the intelligence community, came Russian intervention did not affect the election results.”

But the fact is that the intelligence community never gave estimates of how the intervention of Russia, including the hacking of computer systems of the National Committee of the Democratic party and the subsequent publication of emails, could influence the election.

In the January document said: “We did not have a impact of Russian activities on the results of the elections in 2016. The intelligence Committee is entrusted with the monitoring and evaluation of the intentions, capabilities and actions of foreign agents. He is not engaged in the analysis of political processes or public opinion in the United States.”

Recently us lawmakers questioned representatives of Facebook, Twitter and Google about how their platform was used to spread misinformation during last year’s election campaign.

The administration office found about 36 000 accounts-the”bots” that can be associated with Russia.

In Facebook from June 2015 to August 2017 were issued on 3 000 for advertising positions for $ 100,000 with fake accounts that are associated with the “Agency of Internet research”, which is also referred to as “trolls”.