Trump has been criticized for statements about Putin and Russian intervention in elections

The President is urged to clarify its position

Two former head of American intelligence on Sunday criticized US President Donald trump, who said that he believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin “believes that he and Russia will not interfere” in the course of the US presidential election in 2016.

Former CIA Director, John Brennan, speaking on CNN along with former Director of National intelligence James Clapper, said that the initial indication of the trump that he believes Putin, shows that “foreign leaders may use Donald trump for their own purposes, appealing to his ego and using his uncertainty that very, very disturbing from the point of view of national security.”

Clapper said that Russia represents a clear threat to the United States and to suggest the opposite – “means to endanger this country.”

On Saturday, Trump was asked whether he raised the issue of Russian intervention in elections in a conversation with Putin in Vietnam where they took part in the APEC summit.

“He said he did not intervene – said trump. – I asked him again. How much more can you ask?”

“It was all arranged by the Democrats,” continued trump, spoke out critically about the former head of intelligence, including Brennan and Clapper.

“They are political schemers. Look and see Brennan, Clapper, and [James] Comey. About Komi already know that he is a liar and organized leak,” said Donald ramps, referring to the former Director of the FBI, the dismissal of which in the beginning of the presidential term, trump has caused heated debates.

“You see this, and then see President Putin, who strongly, categorically declares that it has nothing to do with it,” said trump.

Trump’s words sparked an immediate condemnation.

Senator John McCain, a Republican, often critical of the President, said that “to put the words of the KGB Colonel said us intelligence does not correspond to the principle of “America first””.

“Vladimir Putin is not guided by the interests of America. To believe otherwise is not only to be naive, but also endangered our national security,” added McCain.

The highest-ranking Democrat in the house of representatives Committee on intelligence Adam Schiff said on Saturday that the President understands the truth about the Russian intervention, but decided “to take” rebuttal coming from Putin, and not “some hard evidence our own intelligence agencies.”

Former Director of the national security Agency Michael Hayden wrote on Twitter on Saturday: “I Have a question: who represents the position of the US government – the President or the CIA?”.

“The CIA just informed me that the Director supports and has always supported the conclusions of the intelligence community, made in January 2017, the document “Assessment of Russian actions and intentions in the recent elections in the United States,” continued Hayden. – Insights-intelligence about the Russian intervention in the elections has not changed.”

On Sunday, trump explained that he meant that Putin was sincere when he denied the intervention of Russia.

“And I believe it or not I support our Department, – said trump. – Because now they are headed by good people, I trust our intelligence agencies.”

Cooperation with Russia

On Sunday, trump also reiterated his position that “the support of friendly relations with Russia, instead of constantly fighting them, is a treasure for the world and value to our country, and not a disadvantage”.

Earlier on Sunday, the President wrote on Twitter: “the Fake news remember that crook Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of state, urged Russia to be our friend… Obama tried, but he had zero chemistry with Putin.”

On the way from da Nang to Hanoi trump told reporters on Board the presidential plane that the joint statement on Syria issued by it and Putin, “will save lives of countless people.”

In the statement, which was first published by the Kremlin says the two leaders “reaffirmed the importance of the zones of de-escalation as a temporary measure to decrease violence in Syria, the implementation of the agreements on the cessation of hostilities, improve unhindered humanitarian access and create conditions for a final political settlement of the conflict”.

It also notes that Putin and the tramp “agreed to maintain the existing military channels of communication to ensure the safety of the armed forces of the United States and the Russian Federation, as well as prevent dangerous incidents involving forces partners, leading the fight against ISIL”.

Putin told reporters in Danang on Saturday that a joint statement is very important because it reaffirms the principles of the fight against terrorism.

Speaking about the Russian leader, trump said, “we Got a good feeling from each other, a good relationship, given that we don’t really know each other. I think this is a very good relationship.”

Trump also said that Russia can provide US great help in solving the North Korean nuclear issue: “we are Talking about the lives of millions of people. It’s not toys, it’s a serious thing. And if Russia will help us, along with China, the problem will be solved much faster.”

However, trump acknowledged that he had not discussed with the Russian leader’s nuclear missile program of North Korea. “I have not spoken to the President about it because we only had these little segments, when we were talking about Syria.”

Speaking to reporters, Putin said: “In General, everything I wanted, we discussed”. However, he lamented the fact that they had little time for the APEC summit to talk in detail. He added that it would be helpful if the Russian and American teams could sit down and discuss the whole complex of issues concerning bilateral relations.

Putin called trump well-mannered and comfortable person to work with, noting that their dialogue was eminently correct.

Retaliatory measures in connection with the requirements to RT

The Russian leader warned that Moscow will take retaliatory measures in connection with the demand of the American side to Russian TV channel RT to register in the U.S. as a foreign Agency.

Putin called the U.S. action an attack on freedom of speech and warned that retaliatory measures will be adequate and mirror.

Russian officials and media called the most probable targets for these responses CNN, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and “Voice of America”.