Tesla truck to be revealed on the 16th of November

The all-electric Tesla truck have a range of 200-300 km, when it is presented on the 16th of November.

The vehicle preceding the date of debut was on the 26th of October, but Tesla boss Elon Musk has delayed the official presentation as a result of production difficulties with the Model 3.

To learn more about the Tesla Model 3 production bottlenecks here

Musk is use no more than three weeks from when the trucks original 26 October reveal date to iron out production bottlenecks” on the Model 3 production line, as well as helping Puerto Rico with its power supply as a result of Hurricane Maria.

Bottlenecks that have hindered the Model 3 deliveries from the Moss initial delivery, and are quoted in Tesla, according to the fourth floor, with 220 Model 3s delivered in the third quarter, compared with a targeted 1500.

Musk revealed an image of the truck and gave details of his performance during an interview with the academic media outlet TED in the month of June. He also announced that the product on social media, describing it as “unreal” but has not provided further details on its capabilities.

According to reports from Reuters, Tesla aims to break regional that pulls in the US. The truck should have a level of autonomy.

Musk has argued that the heavy, long-range heavy vehicles, and is able to heavy-class transport allowed on the roads. The truck is also claimed to produce greater torque than any truck currently on the road and that could pull a diesel engine equivalent climb in a competition.

Also, the Moss has insisted that the vehicle can be driven around “like a sports car,” and that he was surprised by a vehicle development, agility, when he drove.

Much of the truck’s styling is hidden in preview, even if the lights draw inspiration from the design of those on the Tesla car, with L-shaped daytime running lights.

Aerodynamics also appears to be a goal of the truck, which has a sleek, tapered cabin. The front section is hidden; if they have the long nose as WE are semi-truck or a bluff face, such as those in Europe, is yet to be seen. The latter is the more likely solution.

Tesla also has a Model Y small SUV, electric, cargo van, minibus and a pick-up truck all provided for the introduction in the next few years.

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