The murder of the Deputy of the Severodonetsk: What is known about Sergei Samara

In Ukraine, there was another notorious murder – in Severodonetsk, Luhansk oblast, was found dead 55-year-old adviser to the mayor, deputies of the local city Council and public activist Sergey Samara.

About the missing men to the police the night before, said his wife. According to the woman, she spoke with her husband at five o’clock, when he went home, but soon the connection with him was lost, and home he never returned.

Militiamen began search of the Samara, about nine in the evening. After a few hours the body of a man with a broken head was found near the house in which he lived.

At the moment, on the fact of murder of the Deputy of the Severodonetsk city Council opened criminal proceedings on signs of the offense under article 115 (“Premeditated murder”) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Militiamen consider some versions of Commission of crime. In particular, the possibility of committing the murder because of the political activities of the victim, Commission of assault and the possibility of murder on the basis of the business that Samara led to his election as the Deputy of the city Council.

Many of those who were intimately acquainted with Samara, I think that is still the main motive for his murder was political activity, as it strongly criticized the Yanukovych regime, was the initiator of the recognition of Russia as an aggressor at the city level, and the like.

From Mason to Deputy

Sergey Samara was born on 4 September 1962 in Severodonetsk and practically lived all his life in his hometown. After serving two years in the Armed forces of the Soviet Union, he entered the Kharkov Institute of radio electronics faculty of computing, from which he graduated in 1988.

Worked initially as a Mason, then engineer, and later moved into the field of law as legal counsel (graduated in 2001, the Interregional Academy of personnel management specialty “jurisprudence”), and eventually Director of the law firm “faggot” (now, it is led by his wife Irina).

In 2012, Samara was elected to the Verkhovna Rada of the 7th convocation on the list of “Batkivshchyna”, but the special election in 2014 to the Parliament, he failed (was a candidate). So in 2015 I stood in deputies of the native of Severodonetsk city Council and was on the list of the PPB.

It should be noted that Samara also claimed on a post of the mayor but lost the election opponents, taking sixth place.

The politician also publishes the newspaper “Prav-Da!” and was owned by the public organization “Revival of Donbass”.

Citizenship and political activity

Samara friends speak of him as a citizen with a very Patriotic Pro-Ukrainian position.

He openly criticized the Yanukovych regime in pre-Maidan times, and after the revolution of Dignity, in may 2014, has fallen for four days captured by the militants of the so-called “LNR”. He was kidnapped near the campaign headquarters in front of the child and mother.

“On the night of 22 to 23 may was the first assault on the Landmark National guard and then killed 6 separatists. When I was drafted, I was told that I go to the head of the army, so I killed those people. For this I came to pick up 7 of the Cossacks, they had the chevrons of the Russian Cossacks, but they were our people from Luhansk region. The first thing they put me against the wall and said that they would shoot. It was all done in front of my 72 year old mom. First, they demanded me the car of my son but I understood that the car will take, and won’t let me out…With me in captivity were journalists who were beaten beyond recognition, so I was afraid that I would cut my server, and there is a lot of information from the Maidan, etc, If discovered, I would have been shot,” he recalled after his release from captivity.

From may 2015, Samara lobbied in the Severodonetsk city Council’s recognition of Russia as an aggressor at least twice taking this matter for discussion, however, the deputies of the previous convocation did not want to consider it. After the local elections and a reboot of the Samara city Council returned to the subject of Russian aggression, and in early 2016, the decision was made by the necessary minimum of votes.

Also Samara has initiated an appeal to the President and the Verkhovna Rada on issues of nationalization LEO (Luhansk energy Association).

About himself on the website of the Severodonetsk city Council he wrote: “I am the Deputy head of the permanent Commission on industry, transport and communication, economic development, investment, international cooperation. During the execution of its powers has made more than 30 parliamentary inquiries to certain authorities or public officials with the requirement to provide information on a particular issue that is within the competence of this body. Regularly attend sessions of city Council where every time I spend 10-15 presentations, ask questions, make statements. Recently our team uncovered a number of defects during the installation of plastic products in KDYUSSH No. 1. We gave the Manager budget to purchase the defective Windows.”

In addition, according to Samara, he conducted outreach with residents of condominiums, particularly in relation to offences, as well as the fight against street trading. Worked on return in the city property of broadcasting company “STV”, which a few years ago, was illegally sold. His team was prepared the reconstruction project of the city Park of culture and leisure at the expense of the business.

It is also known that the Samara actively acted against members of the Opposition bloc in Severodonetsk. In particular, in the last posts Deputy accused of “opublikovan” in the disruption of the session of the city Council and that members of Parliament make important decisions.

Other information

As mentioned, Samara was married, he left three children: two sons and a daughter.

According to him, electronic Declaration, for the year 2016, he earned 16 560 UAH at the main place of work in the Severodonetsk city Council. In addition, 10 086 UAH Samara earned while working as a Manager in the Luhansk territorial organization of the party “Block of Petro Poroshenko “Solidarity”” (part-time). Deputy also mentioned two loans totaling 183 833 UAH.

In the possession of the family Samara two apartments, one house and three garages in the city, and in fleet of cars Mitsubishi Pajero, ZAZ-DAEWOO FSO TF69Y and three trucks (Iveco 35 E, ZIL 431610 and Mercedes-Benz 609D).