Wyclef is an ‘insane’ mixtape

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Fugees star Wyclef Jean is throwing down the gauntlet to the younger hip-hop artist with a mixtape with his take on the year’s biggest songs.

He is Killed reworking tracks like Kendrick Lamar’s DNA and Young Thug, and future, Before adding their own beats and lyrics to the originals.

“It’s going to be crazy,” he told the BBC. “Because at the end of the day, I can go bar for bar with Kendrick?

“You know, I can – but to a child it sounded pretty amazing.”

Wyclef fame found as a member of the 1990s hip hop crew The Fugees, whose hits include Ready Or Not and Killing Me Softly.

Since then, he has produced in the world hits such as Shakira’s Hips Don’ T Lie, Destiny’s Child – no, no, no, and Santana – Maria Maria – which was difficult to sample this year’s hit single” Wild thoughts by DJ Khaled and Rihanna.

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He said, the mixtape, called Inspired, is “mess with the children the same way you mess with my material”.

“You already called me a genius, but the true genius is what? If you are invent to be able to, genius, over and over again.”

The British star Giggs is among the artists to, “Wyclef flip”, a new version of his boastful grime anthem Ultimate Gangsta.

“He doesn’t even know I did it,” Wyclef told the BBC. “So, you actually have the breaking news.”

The Haitian star said the mixtape would be unveiled “in a few days”, following hot on the heels of his eighth album, Carnival III, which came out in September.

“As a child, I was always like, ‘What the hell? Why do I have to wait to get out of the music?'” he explained.

“So every couple of months for the next two years, we are still new music, feeding fans around the world.”Gun-Guitar

The Haitian star was speaking at the WebSummit, one of the world’s biggest technology conferences in Lisbon, Portugal.

He was there, in order to arouse interests in his “hip hop guitar” project – a series of guitars, the pairing of an augmented reality teaching app, aspiring musicians as they play.

“Basically, you can put your phone number on your guitar and say, ‘Play, Wu Tang Clan, 36 Chambers’,” he explained.

“Then we are able to show you, through augmented reality, the hand progressions play me, actually part.

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“So the real version looks so Guitar Hero. You did it with the rock catalog in order to with the hip-hop catalog, but I know that you will be able to pick it up and play for real money on your guitar.”

Currently, the star has provided two versions of the instrument: The first is a hollow body wood guitar, the replication, he played on the first Fugees album Blunted On Reality.

A second area of decommissioned weapons. Wyclef hopes that the former gang members can be persuaded to give up arms and make the guitars by the revenue back into the local communities.

“It is very important in our culture, to show that we can, the violence of love.”

Prototypes of the weapon guitar have already proved, that it was desirable, he said.

“Man, I have a few of those, and I can’t keep them out of the rappers’ hands.”

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