Vatske: Some players in Dinamo have forgotten what competition

Victor Vatske shared his impression of the game youth Dynamo Kiev in the match of 15-th round of the championship of Ukraine football match against Poltava Vorskla.

“In the match against Vorskla Tsygankov great substitute. Shepelev well understood in another free kick with opponents, praised the episode and gave the pass to Derlis, and he should have scored. It’s the young players, the Ukrainians, the pupils of the Dynamo. They can play football. Just need to trust them, to give them opportunities to prove themselves. Returning to the Europa League, where Dynamo is waiting for two games that are meaningless from the point of view of competition. Why not give them a chance?

It’s like when a young Blokhin, a young Shevchenko in the Champions League has forced out those who seemed “apocalymon”. I know what I’m talking about. Someone forgot that there is such a thing as competition, as a struggle. However, this choice of head coach,” said Victor Vatske in the program Great football.

Note that Dynamo Kiev beat Vorskla Poltava (2:1) in the match of the 15th round of the Premier League.