U.S. and Serbian paratroopers hold joint exercises

In the exercises, which will be held at the initiative of Belgrade will involve military transport aircraft United States air force

Serbian and American Marines will hold a joint amphibious landing during the exercise aimed at strengthening military ties between Washington and Belgrade, said the U.S. General in charge of the joint military air operations within NATO. And it can cause discontent in Moscow, he added.

During the exercise, which will be held at the invitation of the Serbian side, the paratroopers of the two countries will make parachute jumps aboard two U.S. military transport aircraft C-130J. The exercise will involve about 100 U.S. troops, the General said Todd Walters, who is also responsible for operations at United States air force in Europe and Africa.

It is unclear how many Serbian troops will take part in the maneuvers.

Walters said that the tensions in the Balkans remains a challenge for NATO and the us military, so the establishment of this kind of interaction is critical. In this case, any activity of the Alliance in Serbia is a “red flag” for Russia, which is concerned about the expansion of NATO in this post-Communist region.

Moscow is also seeking to strengthen military ties with Belgrade, giving it as military aid 6 MiG-29. In turn Serbia is trying to maintain a balance in its relations with Russia and with the West, not answering to the calls of us officials to take a categorical position.

Modern Serbia – the largest of the States created after the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, is an Orthodox Slavic country and has historically close relations with Russia, but seeks to join the European Union.

Although the EU is the largest trading partner and investor, Serbia, Russia provides oil and gas deliveries to the Balkan country.