Tillerson: US against attempts to destabilize Lebanon

The Secretary of state also called on the Lebanese Premier to return to his country to make a resignation

Secretary Rex Tillerson said that the US opposes actions that threaten stability in Lebanon, and urged other countries not to use Lebanon “as a place for resolution of indirect conflicts.” In a statement issued on Friday, Tillerson said: “In Lebanon there is no legitimate place or role for any foreign forces, militias and armed elements, apart from the legitimate security forces of the Lebanese state”. Tillerson also called Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s “strong partner of the United States.”

“The United States urges all parties in Lebanon and beyond, to respect the integrity and independence of the legitimate national institutions of Lebanon, including the Lebanese government and the Lebanese armed forces,” he said. Earlier on Friday, the leader of “Hezbollah” Hassan Nasrallah accused Saudi Arabia that it had arrested Harari offered Israel to attack Lebanon.

Nasrallah expressed confidence that Hariri, who resigned last week, was “forced” to make this statement. The leader of “Hezbollah” called the resignation unconstitutional because it was “made under pressure”.

Tillerson said Friday that “there is no evidence” that Hariri was detained by the Saudis against his will or that he resigned under pressure. Tillerson added that Hariri “should return to Lebanon” to make a resignation “so that the Lebanese government could function properly”.

According to officials in Beirut, Hariri held Saudi Arabia, in conditions of deepening crisis pushing Lebanon to be at the forefront of regional rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Saudi Arabia supported Hariri and his allies in the years of political conflict in Lebanon, while, as Hezbollah is supported by Iran.

In his televised speech of resignation, shown from Saudi Arabia, Hariri condemned Iran and Hezbollah for what they sow discord in the Arab countries, and said he fears the murder. His father, former Prime Minister of Lebanon, was killed in a bomb explosion in 2005.