The Soviet power succeeded in some measure to build a “Kingdom of justice”, said the representative of the Church

Moscow. 10 Nov. INTERFAX – the Soviet Union has fulfilled the promise of social justice, given its founders, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media adviser to the speaker of the state Duma Alexander Shchipkov.

“What is most interesting, to the end of the Soviet regime “Kingdom of justice”, that is, the welfare state as a whole was built. However, it wasn’t perfect, kasabonika” he said during the lecture at the Library of foreign literature in Moscow.

A. Shchipkov pointed to such characteristics of the welfare state in the USSR as free education, free medical care and social equality.

“With all the flaws, through the incredible efforts, incredible blood, suffering, anguish, poverty, hunger and the welfare state was built. But the paradox is that once built, it immediately collapsed,” – said the speaker.

The cause of the collapse of the USSR Tweaks is in systematic ideological rejection of tradition as one of the main components of Russian identity.