Ministry of health: Doctors and the Crimean documents will not allow for certification in the mainland Ukraine

Crimean doctors who intend to obtain confirmation of the medical category on the mainland Ukraine, you can not use the certificate on courses of improvement of qualification issued on the territory of Crimea annexed by Russia. This is stated in the message of Ministry of health of Ukraine, reports “Crimea.Realities”.

“Under the current legislation, orders of the Ministry and letters of the SBU, any documents and certificates issued by illegal bodies and educational authorities, acting on the temporarily occupied territories, are not recognized as valid”, – stated in the message.

Therefore, according to the response of the Ministry of health of Ukraine necessary to confirm the medical category of documents, in particular, information about training courses, “issued in the temporarily occupied territories”, cannot be the basis for the certification and issuance of documents of the Ukrainian sample.

Earlier it was reported that the foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that the Ukraine resolution in the UN security Council regarding the Crimean Tatars should be the basis of the de-occupation of Crimea.