Football: “Mariupol” refused “Dynamo” in the replay of the match

Vice-President of “Mariupol” Andrey Sanin commented on the refusal in the replay of the match with “Dinamo”. On it informs TV channel “Football 1”.

“We really received a letter from “Dynamo”, which refers to the possibility of a replay of those matches, which in August was not held. Dynamo says the right words about what the result must be achieved on the football field. We fully agree with this. But the reasons that caused this scandal, not a word. If “Dynamo” in August arrived in Mariupol, then none of this would have happened. And now, unfortunately, the situation has moved to another plane. A decision on the regulations should adopt the FTC and then by the Appeals Committee.

Dynamo asks for our opinion We have prepared and sent to the office of “Dynamo”. It says that we support the orientation to athletic performance, but is the most important document – the rules of the Premier League, and it is impossible to ignore, even if the club giants of Ukrainian football. It is impossible to reconstruct the rules for themselves. There is a calendar grid. You need to adhere to the rules and a calendar grid, otherwise the Ukrainian football will turn into a flying circus “Monty Python”. We need it? No. I would like to Appeal Committee as soon as possible would put this question fat point, and he was removed from the agenda,” said Sanin.

We will remind, “the Dynamo” has changed the position of Mariupol after the intervention of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is ready to conduct the replay of the match, but it is possible only with the consent of all parties to the conflict.