Earned during the year four million Vice-mayor of Omsk complained about the low salary

Vice-mayor of Omsk Inna Parygina spoke about the low salaries of officials working in the city administration. On it informs Agency “Superock”.

“I want to say that few officials in the city administration, and the salary is small. Because of the tremendous load that we bear the responsibility in part of what we sign every day, you know, not every pull,” said she.

In the administration of Omsk Parigina heads the Department of Finance and control and oversees the procurement and economic policy of the city. As noted, “Superomsk”, at the end of 2016, she earned 3.86 million rubles became the second-highest income among the heads of departments and Deputy mayors. In 2015 the clerk, according to official figures, has earned 3.1 million rubles.

Parigina appeared in criminal case about the use of forged document, but in the summer of 2016 it was discontinued in connection with the lapse of time. The investigators suspected the official and fraud, but found no evidence.

According to RIA “Omsk-inform”, in 2009 Parigina, working in the government of the Omsk region illegally received from the regional budget an interest-free loan in the amount of almost 1.5 million rubles for a period of 15 years for the purchase of apartments. The level of income of all members of her family did not support — he was above the limit for assistance.