YouTube restricts ‘creepy’ kids’ videos

YouTube: Children of the Fun of TV

YouTube is to restrict the availability of videos which show the characters of the children of violent or sex scenes if they are reported by the spectators.

Last week, a post on the blog of the writer James Bridle highlighted how YouTube was still being invaded by strange and indecent videos aimed at children.

The site says that it stops such videos earn advertising revenue.

YouTube said his team was “of parents that are committed to improving our applications and the obtaining of this right”.

But critics say that YouTube is not taking sufficient action by the expectation of viewers to report videos as inappropriate.
‘Something bad’

The problem of the producers of videos using popular characters such as Peppa Pig in violent or sexual videos to scare the kids, it has been widely reported.

However, the Lord Flange of the blog was more profound in what he called the rabbit hole of children’s content on YouTube.

He gave examples of videos aimed at the children, who were not necessarily violent or sexual, but they were sinister, and “disturbing” or otherwise inappropriate.

Often it seems that the videos had been generated algorithmically to capitalize on popular trends.

YouTube: Animals For Children

“Stock animations, audio tracks, and the lists of key words being assembled in their thousands to produce an endless stream of videos,” he said.

Many used popular family entertainment characters such as Spiderman and Elsa from Frozen, and had been seen millions of times.

“Someone or something, or some combination of people and things is the use of YouTube systematically scare you, traumatise, and the abuse of children, automatically and at scale,” he wrote.

YouTube says it has already banned such videos to earn money from advertising when they are reported by the spectators, to try to eliminate the incentive to produce.

However, many of the videos are not informed by the spectators and continue ads.

YouTube has already said that he will give such videos a age restriction if they are reported by the viewers, so that can’t be seen by people under the age of 18 years.

YouTube: Babyfun TV

Age-restricted Videos are blocked from appearing in the video of YouTube Kids, an application that is primarily curated by the algorithms.

It can also be viewed on the YouTube website, unless the people have identified with the adult on the account.

However, a report in the New York Times found that the inappropriate use of videos previously have slipped through the net.

YouTube says that it uses human reviewers to assess if you are flagged videos are appropriate for a family audience.

In his blog, Mr Ange said that he did not know how YouTube could eradicate the problem.

“We have built a world that works on a large scale, where the monitoring is simply impossible, and there is no way of inhumane treatment of supervision of the will of the counter most of the examples that we have used in this essay,” he said.