A year later. A documentary portrait of the American electorate

All the eighth day of November 2016 crew documentary filmmaker Jeff Daichman conducted with sixteen voters from different layers of American society. The result of this work was the film, which is called “the Eighth of November 2016”.

“We wanted to cover a broad range of people, represent the geographic, demographic and ideological diversity,” says Executive producer Jeff daichman.

Among the heroes of the film: the Sikh taxi driver from new York that support Democrat Hillary Clinton; recently released from prison, an Alabama resident, which for the first time in thirty years received the right to vote; armed forces veteran, who gave Miami a vote for Donald trump and the so-called “dreamer”, whose future was at stake.

The vast majority of voters believed the predictions of the media about the victory of Hillary Clinton.

“It’s all over by nine o’clock, the results will be announced at nine-thirty. All is well and fine,” – confidently declares one of the characters is a liberal artist from new York. The question directed: “And if you come otherwise?”, he calmly replied, “What? Can’t be, mark my word.”

Jeff daichman said that his documentary reveals the profound cultural contradictions of American society, which the media ignored.

“I think we’re stuck in the “echo chambers,” says the filmmaker. – We surround ourselves with like-minded people. And I understand that. I do the same thing. But I think it’s important to constantly remind ourselves about just how big and diverse this country is. We must always remember this when we decide how to vote and what to say.”

Each of the sixteen characters in the movie their political leanings and strong arguments in their favor. So, for example, That the representative of the small business from Massachusetts, said: “If the economy developed, I could expand my business, hire more people, and could spend more time with his family. For me it’s very important.”

The film shows how the team of applicants and one-sided coverage in the media fueled the prejudice and fears of the voters.

For example, one of the heroes of the film, a resident of Massachusetts, feared that if the “elect Hillary, she is going to raise taxes, and we do so because of the health of the impoverished. So I’m afraid we will have hard times to make ends meet”.

Another theme of the film is the problems encountered by minorities in case of victory of Donald trump.

According to the author of the film, little has changed a year later. America remains deeply polarized. He hoped that, by showing the real portraits of American voters, the film will contribute to the dialogue.