Acacademy of agricultural Sciences has suspended the membership of all Russian academics

The national Academy of agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (NAANU) has suspended the membership of 22 academicians of Russian citizens. This is stated in the response of the Academy to the query “Ukrainian news”.

In particular, at the General meeting NAANU was suspended membership of foreign members of the Academy of Russian citizens: Rudolph aleksakhina, Anatoly Grabowiec, Michael Gulyukina, Andrey Ivanov, Alexander Brown, Nikolai Kovalyov, Anatoly Kornienko, Yury Lachuga, Alexander Litvinenko, Andrey Misik, Vyacheslav Pozdnyakov, Peter Prokhorenko, Gennady Romanenko, Yevgeny Savchenko, Anatoly, Samoilenko, Viktor Sychev, Anatoly Smirnov, Nikolay strekozova, Igor Tikhonovich, Ivan Ushacov, Vladimir and Vladimir Shkrabak Noisy.

Thus, it suspended the membership of all Russian academics.

Also suspended the membership of two academicians and three corresponding members that have not confirmed citizenship of Ukraine, in particular those who live on the territory Russia annexed the Crimea temporarily occupied territory of Donbass, is not communicating with the Academy and did not perform the duties of the members NAANU.

We are talking about the members of the Academy of Anatolia Avidzba, Fyodor Adamini and members-correspondents Victor Zagoruiko, Vyacheslav Ivanchenko Nikolay Makrushin.

In addition, NAANU elicited from members of Academy, corresponding member Valentin Tkachenko.