The media published the list of corrupt Saudi officials

DUBAI, November 5 — RIA Novosti. The higher Committee against corruption in Saudi Arabia has ordered to detain about 40 influential persons of the country, including former Ministers, military personnel, businessmen said on Sunday Saudi newspaper “al-Eqtisadia”.

The newspaper published the list of detainees, among whom was the famous Saudi billionaire member of the ruling family, al-Waleed bin Talal, has business around the world.

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In addition, authorities detained the former Chairman of investment management, the former Finance Minister and head of the Board of Directors of group of companies family of bin Laden, Bakr bin Laden. Arrested known telemagnate, the head of the group of satellite channels MBC, al-Waleed al-Ibrahim, as well as sent on Saturday the resignation of the Minister of economy and planning, Adel Faqih.

According to the publication, they are allegations of corruption, money laundering, detention of non-existent transactions, accepting bribes for contracts, signing illegal contracts.

On Saturday Saudi Arabia’s king signed a decree on the establishment of anti-corruption Committee, headed by crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which also included the attorney General of the Kingdom.