The British defence Secretary Michael Fallon has resigned

LONDON, Nov 1 — RIA Novosti. The British defence Secretary Michael Fallon has resigned. About it RIA Novosti was informed in the press service of the Ministry.

The defense Minister left his post amid scandal — he was accused of impropriety in communicating with a journalist. The incident occurred over a decade ago — politician allegedly put a woman’s hand on my knee and it was regarded as sexual tamogatast.

“In recent years, a number of allegations including my behavior in the past. Many of these charges are lies, but I admit that in the past was inappropriate for the Armed forces, which I have the honour to present, in a way. I concluded, and therefore resign,” — said in a statement Fallon to the Prime Minister Theresa may.

“To serve as defense Minister for the last 3.5 years it was my privilege, and I admire the professionalism, courage and work of those men and women who watch over our safety,” wrote Fallon.

Recently radio host and former political columnist for the Sunday Express Julia Hartley-brewer, without naming names, told of an experience that happened to her many years ago. After repeated attempts, the men at the dinner during the Conservative party conference to put his hand on her knee, the woman threatened to punch him in the face. The identity of the man quickly revealed the tabloid Sun: it was the current Minister of defence sir Michael Fallon.

After the charges became widely known, Fallon admitted that he once allowed himself the liberty against journalist Julia Hartley-brewer, but noted that for a long time apologized for this act.