Lamborghini to reveal the ‘super-sports car, ” the concept next week

Lamborghini will reveal the “sports car of the future” on Monday, the supercar maker has confirmed.

Showing a preview image on his Instagram account that reveals the front-end of a new sports car, Lamborghini has said that the model was created in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Next the Huracan will be plug-in hybrid

Lamborghini has already announced that it will work with the MIT “the future of the super sports car for the third millennium”. This corresponds to the formulation of the text accompanying the Instagram image, which describes most of the hidden cars like the brand “vision for the super-sports car of the future”.

Even if, probably, it is a concept that will be revealed at EmTech, MIT, in-house technology conference, November 6, you think that the Lamborghini and MIT have been working on a Huracán hybrid model of the next generation. The car is due in 2022, and uses solid-state battery technology.

The concept, the first fruit of the Lamborghini and MIT partnership, may be, the Volkswagen Group is the first tangible example of his progress on solid state battery technology, in spite of Porsche announcing that the technology is in the development phase.

Also the order of the day is the demonstration of lightweight materials, such as the Sesto elemento concept at the 2010 Paris motor show. The former company boss Stephan Winkelmann has told Autocar that the Lamborghini does not “want to ever produce and show cars just for a museum,” suggesting that this concept could, as the Sixth Element, to be sold in small numbers, if there is enough interest.

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