How to build a successful startup

A startup is a business in conditions of high uncertainty. And not because his fate is not known in advance. In fact, the question that never originally defined by the product of the startup, the type of its customer relationships, its own audience. In short, every startup is a rigorous and long feeling for what and how to do business. About creating start-UPS Dina spoke at the festival of cultural and social projects Startup Kultur 2017, which was held under the auspices of the Goethe-Institut in Ukraine.

The number of people. In any start-up should be from 4 to 10 people. The main four should include a strategist, tactician, artist, and facilitator. These are the main people. They will be enough — especially at first. And then features will only grow and multiply.

Regardless of what function in a startup is a business leader — he can be anyone of the four, is the priority in decision-making must remain with him.

He is the carrier of brand values and institutional memory. And the main should always be initially selected strategy.

Determine a strategy. In fact, strategy is what you do, your team and your startup; it’s a world you want to create your activities. It is subject to its structure and consists of the goals and objectives of the brand. Most often, the strategy is closely intertwined with the business model, and many young startups are not always able to deal with the fact that these two points should precede what. So, the business model, in turn, is also heterogeneous and consists of several blocks: this is the value proposition of the brand, i.e. what it offers to the client is the relationship with the audience, customer segments and channels, by which they find, as well as the internal Affairs of a business: activity, key partners, sources of money.

To understand the vision. The vision answers the question “Why?”: why are you doing this business, why do you give up? Then comes the the strategy answers the question “What?”. At least that makes the strategy tells you what to do. High, making strategy: tells you what not to do in any case. It decides in which direction to turn to beautiful or smart. Finally, having determined the party, it’s time to start thinking about the business model — and it is a question of “How?”.

The more detailed you explain to yourself how you plan to achieve the goal, the more likely it is that you still be able.

To concretize the value proposition is something unique that the customer can only get from you.

The first year of operation. Almost always consists of rushing in different directions, dozens of samples, hundreds of fakapov and constant testing. However, these constant twists and turns — one of the distinguishing features of startups, and it should be ready. Here is, for example, that you came up with the idea and believe that it best fits in the market, business to client, that is what you will need to work with individuals. And then notice that you still more profitable to sell their products to people and businesses. So: for a startup it is very dangerous to work simultaneously on both charts. You should always choose.

Often young startups are pierced on the fact that they refuse to learn from their mistakes and to draw conclusions from their work.

In the end they burn out, you don’t get there because they do not react to market demands, and the result is considered a failed startup. It is very important to be flexible, reactive and proactive.

Use international experience. If you delve into the cases of Apple or Google, we will see that all their elements are interrelated and they are connected primarily by values. All these businesses and projects are the result of values. So that your strategy and model work, you should be a clear understanding of their values. Understand and give an answer to the question: what do you mean by what you do? Moreover, your values must match the values of clients. Your regular audience will be only those people whose priorities match yours.

Values. Some time ago on Facebook “go” world map according to the values that United the nation, depending on what they prioritize in their lives. However, even in the case when three people call the main value of the family, they often do not mean the same thing. For someone family is a home where you are fed for free; for someone- the ability to work together with someone to pay for utilities, and for someone — the chance to find yourself a simulator for self-affirmation.

It becomes clear that it is important to clearly identify your values and, on this basis, to understand in which direction to move, what kind of people to communicate, how to build relationships.

To make decisions becomes much easier when you know what your values are.

Key advice to budding startups: to determine their values; understand who your customer is; to remain prepared for any changes and turns; understand that if you go into a startup, you need to immediately reject all ideas and beliefs about this business. Each day you will ensure that is not sold is not so, and money is going not from where you expected them to. The first year it is important to be ready to everything literally, and never to dwell; do not forget to constantly trying. Not for nothing do they say that in Silicon valley are not serious enough to those who have their entire career was less than 3 failures.