The Network showed a preview of a new metro station

Architectural Institute Kievenergoprojekt, who is working on the metro project to the tenants ready to present the final design of four new stations.

This was reported by Evening Kiev and showed how will look the new station.

“We completely changed the look of the stations. So, for the future station, the Avenue of Truth, we propose to use metal panels fresh yellow“, – said the chief architect of the Institute Kievenergoprojekt Jaroslaw Lewandowski.

According to him, the station plans to move away from the traditional ceramic tiles on the walls in favor of glass panels.

“Through the glass you can see the concrete hull. Thanks to the highlight will be an interesting game still. It will be possible to consider what is in the station,“ added Lewandowski.

It is noted that the MTR station Avenue of Truth will be created in a very confined space. Because it was designed with side platforms, and the lobby is “turned“ perpendicular to the station due to lack of space, the transition for passengers did.

Metro station Mostyska accommodate some green space close to the final stop of a trolley bus â„–5. She’s austere design with green walls and granite floors.

And here is the output of the station will be unusual for Kiev: on the roof of the pavilion, the architects are planning to plant real grass.

Architectural projects have also been developed for the stations that will be built after 2020 (second stage).

Thus, the station Grower will be located in the middle built on the site of the gardens of the farm Pushcha-Vodytsia residential area just behind the gigamarket.

“We tried to beat the name of the Grower and to create 90 dark violet lamps in Association with grapes. The space station to expand its visually, it is proposed to equip without traditionally selected wall,“ – said Jaroslaw Lewandowski.

In KCSA revealed, how will the metro line to troieschyna

At the station of Marshal Grechko will be the classic pavilion with escalators that take passengers into the lobby. Come decorate wall niches, which will accommodate vertical lamps. The ceiling above the tracks will be ripped and visually separated from the ceiling of the platform.

In addition, all stations will be equipped with sound-absorbing panels.

“In the subway of Kiev is very noisy, people can’t hear each other, especially when it comes to train. When designing the metro to the tenants throughout the length of the line and stations would build noise screens and panels. For paths will be used special technology and strip,“ added Lewandowski.

In addition, the developers have provided for people with reduced mobility at each station has an Elevator. And for the metro staff, working in the night shift, being built hotels.

Recall, the Kiev Metropolitan in 2017, it plans to begin construction of two new stations in the direction of the Husbandman.