Iceland will serve a Requiem for the Russian Arctic explorers who died in a plane crash in Svalbard

Moscow. 1 Nov. INTERFAX – on Wednesday IN St. Nicholas Orthodox parish in Reykjavik will be a memorial service for the victims near the shores of Spitsbergen on 26 November, the Russian explorers of the Arctic.

“The beginning of the worship service at 19.00. Come, together let us pray for the repose novopaschenny of the victims,” writes the rector of the parish father Timothy Zolotusky on the parish website.

On Board the crashed helicopter were eight people: research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic Oleg Golovanov, Nikolay Fateev, Maxim Kaulio and flight crew members Evgeny Baranov, Vladimir Frolov, Alexei Paulauskas, Marat Muhtarov and Alexei Korolev.

According to the latest reports EMERCOM of Russia in the case of the fallen helicopter Mi-8 is planned to raise from the bottom are planned with the help of a marine vessel. All work is carried out in close cooperation with Norwegian colleagues in shifts around the clock.

Svalbard belongs to Norway and is just over 2000 from Iceland, between the capital and the archipelago there is air service.