MG offer seven years of warranty on the new SUV ZS

MG has introduced a seven-year warranty on the new ZS small SUV, the corresponding Kia the title of the hoarding of the warranty period.

The warranty has a duration of seven years, is transferable between subsequent owners if the car is sold and has 80,000 miles maximum mileage; 20% compared to the Kia.

Kia seven-year warranty was introduced for the customers in the UNITED kingdom in 2010, i.e. the first of them released only at the end of this year. It is likely that the MG is to employ the strategy of emulating Kia position of the UNITED kingdom of the sale, which was aided by the first scrappage schemes in 2009.

MG already offers a six-year anti-perforation corrosion warranty, although this is optional.

The seven year warranty covers everything on the car for the first year and the usual restrictions of wear and tear, maintenance items and maintenance apply.

There will only be available on the ZS, MG and I don’t know if or when you extend the offer to his other models; the move is currently quite experimental and its success will mark the future of the system through the brand, according to MG’s head of sales and marketing, Matthew Cheyne. The brand, however, already offer a warranty of five years for his big GS SUV.

Six years of warranty, it may help to attract new customers – people whose radar MG has fallen in recent years. A scrappage scheme was also announced recently with a similar intention. Cheyne estimates that about one-third of MG sales are from customers taking advantage of the scrappage scheme, which offers £1500 off 3 qualities.

If the regime considers success to MG, it may spread with the introduction of each new model to the second-generation 3 next year, as is the new 6 sedan, with a version of the restyled GS SUV that appears at a certain time after that.