In the center of Kiev beat the “cyborg” – the media

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Sunday, October 29, in the center of Kiev near the monument to Heavenly hundred beat “cyborg“ and the fighters of Gennady Dubrova.

The correspondent reports about it Gromadsky radio.

The journalist said that the victim was taken to one of the offices of the police of Shevchenko district of the city, where he wrote a statement about the beating. Gennady knows how to look forward and has pictures of him.

The man cut on his lip and eyebrow, the pressure is high. Are there any other injury, it will be clear when doctors will conduct a complete examination.

“As Dubrov –“cyborg“ and fought in the East, he had three contusions, and blows were to the head, the doctors gave him a painkilling injection into the muscle,“ said the reporter.

As it turned out, the son had a conflict with the sellers of blue and yellow ribbons in independence.

“At the monument of Heavenly hundred, people who sell blue and yellow ribbons on the Maidan, put a cardboard box with the inscription “to the hospital.“ There people throw donations. Gennady repeatedly came up to the monument and requested that the sellers who, according to him, call themselves volunteers, put the box to put the seal of their organization. As evidenced by Dubrov, they refused. Today was the same situation, and one of the men attacked him. Like Gennady says, he has a chance to hit back because the attacker ran away. The blows were to the head, lip, eyebrow,“ – said the journalist.

Recall the man at the building of the Verkhovna Rada beat the people’s Deputy from the faction of Samopomich Yehor Sobolev, was a “cyborg“ – the defender of the Donetsk airport.

Note that Dubrov spent 10 months in jail for trying to make a “junk“ lustration of local officials.