Google Docs files are mysteriously locked


Many Google Docs users have reported that they are locked in a mysterious way, certain files in your accounts.

The error causes files to be marked, in breach of the Google terms of service.

User will get a message: “This item has been marked as offensive, and can no longer be divided.”

“We’re investigating reports of an issue with Google Docs,” a spokesman told the BBC. “We offer more information than is appropriate.”

Users have taken to Twitter to complain to say on the subject, that, while they worked on documents, the screen suddenly froze and then a message came that told them that they could not access a file.

Some people have also reported that another error prevents you from sending Google appeal requests to unlock your files.

Other strange behavior has been noted on the service user, Iain Mackenzie, said the words, “game is over” had, emblazoned in a Google Docs document he had been editing and then disappeared.

Mr Mackenzie said that there are no other users in the file, at the time that the Google-Docs-revisions log showed only the processing of the document for the last couple of hours.