The Episcopal chair of Peter and Paul Cathedral has been restored over 28 million rubles

Saint-Petersburg. 30 Oct. INTERFAX – the Museum of history of St.-Petersburg declared competition on performance of works on the complex restoration of the Episcopal chair at the left of the pillar in the Cathedral, according to the public procurement website of the Russian Federation.

The initial price of the contract is 28 million. Work must be completed within 185 days from the date of obtaining permission from the city Committee for state control, use and protection of monuments. According to the technical task, the experts will restore the wooden and metal parts of the Department, as well as decor, painting interiors, gilding and painting.

Peter and Paul Cathedral is an Orthodox Cathedral in the Peter and Paul fortress, the burial place of Russian emperors, a monument of the Petrine Baroque. Until 2012 the Cathedral with height of 122.5 m was the tallest building North of the capital. In front of the altar, at the left-hand column is a gilded pulpit for reading sermons, decorated with carvings and statues of the apostles Peter and Paul and the four evangelists. Symmetrically the Department in the right column is the Royal place intended for the Emperor, and supplied with attributes of monarchical power – the sceptre, sword and crown.