By 2030, almost a third of the world population aged 15 to 29 years are Muslims – a study

New York. 30 Oct. INTERFAX – the current generation of Muslims actively travels around the world and each state wishing to use it must make its tourism sector more friendly to them, experts say.

According to a study conducted by Mastercard in conjunction with the Muslim tourism portal HalalTrip, Muslims aged 18 to 36 years by the year 2025 will be spent on travel over us $100 billion per year – more than double in 2016. In General, the expenses of the representatives of the religion of all ages on tourism to the specified year may be increased threefold.

“This is definitely overlooked segment of the tourism industry need to pay attention to him and prepare to meet its needs”, – quotes Agency Bloomberg of a expert research company Phocuswright Inc., focused on tourism, Douglas Quinby.

Currently, the main destinations for traveling Muslims are Malaysia and Indonesia – States, where the bulk of the population profess the same religion. Popular Japan, Thailand and Australia, where tourism is a key sector of economic growth. In these countries there are more tourist sites focused on Muslims.

According to research, by 2030 almost a third of the world population aged 15 to 29 years are Muslims.