The number of victims of explosion in a hotel in Mogadishu rose to 25 people

MOSCOW, 29 Sep — RIA Novosti. The death toll in an attack on a hotel in the Somali capital has reached 25, reports Xinhua news Agency citing police.

Earlier it was reported about 10 victims and 15 injured.

The police withdrew from the attacked hotel 30 people, among whom was one of the Ministers of the country. According to a source in law enforcement bodies, many people died on the spot.

A suicide bomber detonated a car bomb outside the hotel, located near the presidential Palace in Mogadishu, on Saturday. A little later near the second explosion occurred. After the explosion in the hotel gunfire between the attackers and security forces. Responsibility for both the attack was claimed by the radical group “Ash-Shabab”.

In Somalia based radical Islamic grouping “Ash-Shabab” (“Movement of young Mujahideen”), with close ties to international terrorist organization al-Qaeda*. It is waging an armed struggle against the Central government of Somalia and hindered humanitarian activities of the UN. The group made the U.S. list of terrorist organizations in 2008, in respect of it in the country of sanctions.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia