Searches in the night club of Kiev: all detainees were released

Yesterday, several detainees were sent home as a result of a search in a night club of Kiev Jugendhub was sent home, issuing at 09:00 today on the agenda About this in his Facebook said the Executive Director of the NGO East SOS Oleksandra dvoretska.

“All day yesterday they were bullied at the point of collection, not allowed lawyers, and physicians, has led to the Colonel for 1-2 people and forced them to sign some papers,“ said the Butler.

In a press-service GU of the national police of Kiev today said that all 17 people who were detained yesterday, was released.

“The fact is registered in eRDR under part 1 of article 317 of the Criminal code(organization or maintenance of places for illegal use, production or manufacture of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues),“ – said the press service.

Recall, October 28, in Kiev during a search in a nightclub, was detained 17 people with drugs. According to the national police, entertainment venues identified 11 children and 32 people who evade conscription.