Family missing in 2014 Crimean Tatar reported his death

The Crimean authorities in October of this year notified the family of missing in 2014 Lemar Astinova of his death. On this edition of “Crimea.Realities” said the representative of the public initiative Crimeasos Evgeniya andreyuk.

“Stolen Lemar Aladino who disappeared, and about him nothing was known since August 2014 – this month, the family received notice that his body was found in 2014. The body was allegedly buried,” – said human rights activist.

She noted that the family of the deceased still have not received any supporting documents.

The publication writes that since the annexation of the Crimea Peninsula went missing 44 krymchanin. 17 people found, 19 to date, are still missing, six were found dead, two more are in prison.

According to representatives of the Crimean human rights group, abduction was made by the Russian authorities or controlled by them paramilitary groups.