Trump about the uranium deal with Russia: “This is the Watergate of our time”

Answering questions of journalists, the President stressed unity in the ranks of the Republicans

On Wednesday, before flying to Texas, President of trump spoke to reporters. He particularly commented on in the press statements about the involvement of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton for funding the work of compiling incriminating dossiers on him.

“I think it’s very sad what they’ve done with the phony dossier, the President said. It was fabricated, and, as I understand it, they paid a huge sum of money. But Hillary Clinton always denied it. Democrats have always denied it, and now, just because this will be the subject of court proceedings, they said they did it.They recognized it, and they are ashamed, but I think it’s a shame and it is a very sad commentary about politics in this country.”

Answering the question about the uranium deal with Russia concluded during the presidency of Barack Obama, trump said: “I think this is the Watergate of our time.”

The President touched upon the question of unity in the ranks of the Republican party after last Tuesday’s meeting of the President with the Senate Republicans. “We have great unity: just look what happened yesterday during the meeting – said trump. – I believe that (it characterizes) each Senator, including John McCain. Yesterday we had a wonderful conversation – between me and McCain is on the military Affairs… In the ranks of the Republican party, the great unity”.