Lexus LS+ concept illustrates autonomous technology maturity in 2020 flagship

The Lexus LS+ concept has been presented at the Tokyo motor show, pointing the way to the firm to launch a series of new autonomous technology for their flagship car in around 2020.

In Japan and the united states, the LS is known when entering and leaving a motorway, and offer the driver a variety of assistance services, including automatic lane-keeping, merging and overtaking, plus it automatically keeps the car a safe distance from other vehicles and use the information of other cars to pre-warn the driver of possible problems. Lexus is calling this technology the Road team-Mate.

Even though the technology has similarities with the systems already available from other manufacturers, Lexus president Yoshihiro Sawa, said that the technology could break new ground, and added: “This is going to allow Lexus to deliver the cars that can be driven even more securely and comfortable.”

Sawa also noted that the car only make suggestions, in which the driver will always be free through the rule. He described the Road team-Mate as a step towards the Lexus of the goal of achieving the Level 4 of the autonomy of all types of roads, and expressed a desire for the Road team-Mate to work in urban areas”, in the decade of 2020″

The LS+ also includes a new data system that can receive live updates, allowing Lexus to make a Tesla style over-the-air updates to existing systems and install new technology to the car without having to visit a dealership. The same connection data is also transmitted in vivo data of the paths to the car, so that you can use the artificial intelligence technology to learn the conditions of the road ahead.

In addition, the LS+ shows an evolution of the signature of the axis of the design grid, including a system of active aerodynamic that closes the gaps in the grille to improve aerodynamic efficiency and to optimize the cooling, and the laser power of the headlights as a pioneer in the Audi R8 and the BMW i8.