Cardiff street becomes THE to US TV show


Viewers of Curb Your Enthusiasm may have been confused to see Cardiff doubling for Los Angeles.

Hayes has been used as a backdrop in the success of the HBO show, when star Larry David is seen walking with his therapist, in a recent episode.

With the Welsh weather very different from California, the producer Jeff Schaffer admitted the choice was like “with the help of Los Angeles, a stock shot for the Antarctic”.

But he said the city “looked beautiful”.

The scene involved Hayes double as west of Los Angeles and was presented after Mr. David left a furniture store with his therapist, played by Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston.

Speaking to the BBC Radio Wales Good Evening Wales programme, Mr Schaffer has quipped: “Sometimes, a scene needs a stock shot.

“They showed us the Los Angeles stock shot and we said “no”, they showed us to London and we said “no”, they showed us the Edinburgh stock shot and we said “no”.

“And finally, we said” bring us the Cardiff stock shot”, and then you only know Cardiff stock shot can start a scene from this special.”


The series is filmed around Los Angeles, and after the shooting in a furniture store, the crew had to quickly move to another location.

However, their trucks were all parked outside of the shop, which makes it difficult to get a clear view of the street.

“It was also a dismal stretch of west Los Angeles, not very cinematic and the edition we have need of something that looked like sunny Los Angeles,” he added.

“It also needs to be somewhere that looked like it may have a furniture store on it.”

This is not the first time that the capital has doubled as other cities, it is also used as a London for the BBC Wales produced drama Sherlock.