36,5 billion dollars to the victims of hurricanes and forest fires

Natural disasters increasing costs the us budget. According to experts, the U.S. economy could lose billions of dollars as a result of future climate change. A sizeable losses warn not only scientists, but also the chamber of the United States. Its employees published a report which urged to take seriously the problems of climate change. The document paints a picture of the future, if not apocalyptic, at least, disturbing. Fires, floods and hurricanes has already cost the US economy a fabulous sum. But after thirty years, these costs could rise to $ 35 billion annually. South-West USA will have to fight even more devastating fires in the South may increase the number of victims of heat waves, reduced yields will suffer and fishing. A new report published on the initiative of the democratic Senator Maria Cantwell and her colleagues from the Republican party, Susan Collins. It is based on dozens of interviews with scientists and economists who have been evaluating the potential losses associated with climate change. Experts agree: to predict how increasing the temperature even a few degrees will affect every sector of the economy hard. However, to look into the future this does not necessarily. On the eve of the Senate, the U.S. has provided financial aid to victims of deadly storms and fires that hit the country in recent months – thirty-six and a half billion dollars. Senators from both parties say: now typhoons and floods hit not only for individual regions, but throughout the US budget. In the future, the problem will only get worse. However, despite overwhelming support in Congress, the proposals on combating global warming at the White House accept cool. President Donald trump has repeatedly questioned the scale of the consequences for the environment from carbon emissions. The head of the White House in June has fulfilled one of its election promises, announced plans for a US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. It is noteworthy that this decision was actively supported by the head of the Agency for environmental protection Scott Pruitt. He is convinced that CO2 was not the main cause of global warming. Perhaps it is this confidence prompted officials to ban the three staff of the Agency to make a report at the conference devoted to the problems of climate change. The researchers called it anything other than censorship, and came out to protest under the slogan: “Let us do our job.”